Give to the Heart of the River Coalition

Heart of the River CoalitionThank you for supporting the Heart of the River Coalition with your tax-deductible donation.

Your gift will help support the Heart of the River Coalition's ongoing activities to educate the community about the multiple benefits and value of a free-flowing White River.

Donations may be made payable to "Citizens Action Coalition Education Fund" with "Heart of the River Coalition" noted on the memo line.


Mail checks to:

Citizens Action Coalition Education Fund
603 E. Washington Street, Suite 502
Indianapolis, IN 46204

Or click here to donate online!
Be sure to list "Heart of the River Coalition" for the Program Description.


In early November 2013, the Heart of the River Coalition (HTR) and the Citizens Action Coalition Education Fund (CACEF) entered into an agreement which provides a structure whereby HTR can receive contributions which are tax-deductible for the donor. This is a mechanism whereby a community group that is not an IRS-designated 501(c) 3 public welfare organization can be sponsored by a 501(c) 3 via a Fiscal Agency. The sponsoring organization receives the earmarked contributions and holds them on account and disperses the funds as needed by the sponsored group. The sponsored organization must ensure compliance with IRS requirements, i.e. that that none of its activities constitute legislative lobbying or political or religious advocacy. Heart of the River is grateful to CACEF for providing its Fiscal Agency services.