Amos Butler Audubon

Amos Butler Audubon, serving central Indiana, stands opposed to the proposed Mounds Lake Reservoir in the Anderson area. The project would build a dam across the White River and flood large parts of Mounds State Park, other natural and scenic lands, and private properties. A study is currently being conducted, supported by a grant from the state of Indiana, to assess the feasibility, costs, potential benefits and losses if the reservoir is created.

The ABA board passed the following statement of opposition to the proposed Mounds Lake Reservoir:

Amos Butler Audubon will be opposing the proposed Mounds Reservoir because the plans call for the destruction of significant natural areas and habitats, including the loss of a state-protected nature preserve which cannot be replaced. [24-February-2014]

The project would cause a loss of natural lands that would directly affect birds in one of the most significant habitats for wildlife in the Hamilton and Madison county area. Under state law, the dedicated state nature preserve that would be destroyed is supposed to be protected forever. The board feels that anyone who values bird conservation and supports the preservation of lands with great natural and historic importance should consider voicing their opposition to this project.


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