Hoosier Chapter of the Sierra Club

The Hoosier Chapter of the Sierra Club opposes the Mounds Lake project currently under consideration in Anderson. All dams and reservoirs are inherently destructive of the environment and this one is no different. As presently conceived, the seven-mile-long lake would destroy a scenic, free-flowing section of the White River and flood forests and wetlands along its banks. Parts of Mounds State Park would be under water, putting both natural habitat and archeological relicts at risk. Pollutants currently in the river may accumulate in the impoundment, potentially creating high concentrations of E. coli and blue-green algae. Additionally, there may be environmental justice concerns if low-income and/or minority residents are flooded out of their property for the benefit of real estate developers on the newly created lakeshore.

Approved by the Hoosier Chapter, Sierra Club ExCom 13 July 2013.


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