Protect Our Rivers Now!

Resolution in Opposition to a Planned Dam and Reservoir on White River

WHEREAS, a dam and reservoir have been proposed by the Anderson Corporation for Economic Development, a private marketing group, on White River in and around Anderson, Chesterfield, and Daleville, Indiana; and

WHEREAS, the planned dam has been described, at various times, by its promoters as being needed or desirable for economic development, water supply augmentation (for Central Indiana during the occasional dry months), flood control, lifestyle enhancement, and recreation; and

WHEREAS, the promoters have described the dam plan as a privately financed (non-governmental) project which would be carried out without cost to local residents; and

WHEREAS, the planned dam, regardless of its stated purposes, would negatively affect the rich and diverse ecosystem of the White River and its riparian zone in many significant ways, would negatively impact historic and cultural sites, including Mounds State Park, and would impose myriad negative impacts upon many residents, businesses, and other property owners in the vicinity,

WHEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, that Protect Our Rivers Now!, a 20-year old river-protection group, after consideration of information available to date, strongly opposes the construction of the planned dam and reservoir on White River.

Dated June 16, 2013


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